Bäckström Chrisse

Bachelor of Health Care and Social Services
Exam:Bachelor of Health Care and Social Services
Specialities:Laser nurse
Language skills:Finnish, Swedish, English
I started with laser treatment almost 20 years ago and over the years, my interest in laser treatment only increased. I have attended several laser congresses and expression, including my method for treating chronic wounds with lasers. I teach aspiring laser therapists including In Finland, Sweden and Norway as well as lectures in the field of medical and surgical laser treatment.

With medical laser treatment can for instant pain, tense muscles, circulation, inflammation and skin problems be treated. The laser is a light source producing extremely clean, organized light. The medical laser treatment is not based on heating, in contrast to the surgical laser treatment. The laser penetrates deep into the tissue as opposed to the surgical laser that treats only the outermost layer of the skin. At the medical laser treatment You can experience an instantaneous reaction, sometimes the problem may need several treatments. If you have a chronic problem IT often requires approximately 3-5 treatments.
The treatment duration can be from 5-25 minutes, depending on the problem. The treatment interval is normally about one week
Laser treatment does not hurt, on the contrary, it may feel pleasant and relaxing. After treatment of a chronic problem, a temporary pain can occur, due to the laser light launched healing process.
What occurs during the laser treatment is that the laser treatment affect cells and tissue, the local immune system, circulation of blood and lymph vessels, the metabolism of the cells and the secretion of various substances such as prostaglandins and endorphins that relieves pain. For speeding up wound healing laser light accelerates formating  epithelial tissue and collagen, increases circulation and reduces swelling.
Laser treatment is completely safe and risk-free. The laser light can not harm the fetus or vital organs in the body. It also does not matter if you have metal, pacemaker or artificial material implanted. Medication does not prevent the laser treatment.
The laser light can sometimes provide direct relief and it means that one must  not overload the problem area, because the damage is not yet healed.
Services:Medical laser treatment
Laser nurse
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