Price list

You can pay by debit and credit cards (Visa/Visa Electron, Master Card, First card (Eurocard), American Express and Diners Club) or you may apply for Eira Terveystili (Eira Account).

The prices for appointments are approximate and may vary according to the rates determined by the physician. The prices may vary according to the physician’s special skills and qualifications. Health certificates, statements, laboratory and X-ray examinations and procedures done during the visit will be charged for separately. For some procedures we charge prepayment. An outpatient clinic fee 18,90 € and Kanta-fee are added to the price of the appointment. Telephone consultation is usually subject to a fee. Comission fee 6,90 € and Kanta-fee are added to telephone and video appointments. Eira is part of the Kanta service: all patient information apart from x-ray are transferred to the patient data system Omakanta. Kanta-fee is 1,95 € for an appointment.

Payment through invoice is only for corporate customers, contract customers, customers who in advance have negotiated it and for remote appointments. We debit 33,70 € extra for each invoice, excluding invoices for telephone and video appointments.

It is free of charge to cancel as long as the appointment is cancelled at the latest one weekday in advance (Monday appointments to be cancelled on Friday). For no-show appointments or during the same day cancelled appointment, operation and surgery we withhold the right to charge for according to current pricing policy.

We reserve the right to change the prices.

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Opening hours
Medical Centre
Mon-Thu 8-20
Fri 8-17
Mon-Thu 8-16
Mon-Thu 10-17
In-patient Unit
24h every day 
Address and Contact details
Eira Medical Centre
Laivurinkatu 29, Helsinki
Occupational health
Eye Surgery
Eira Hospital
Tehtaankatu 28, Helsinki
In-patient unit
Plastic Surgery
Data protection
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