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Eira Hospital was re-elected the best privately owned Medical Centre in the Helsinki region (the Brand Audit Group survey 2015).

We have now prolonged our customer experience to include our website. We want to serve you and offer our help also online. At our re-newed website it is easier than before to find all our services, specialists and next available appointments.
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General practitioner
Wed 22.2
Lindqvist Irina
General Practitioner, Geriatrician
Eira Medical Centre
Fri 24.2
Tuomikoski Pauliina
Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology
Eira Medical Centre
Thu 23.2
Atula Timo
Specialist in otorhinolaryngology
Eira Medical Centre
Mon 27.2
Oksman Erja
Eye specialist
Eira Medical Centre

Eyelid reconstruction

Upper eyelid surgery now only 1290 € inc. both eyes!

Book an appointment with our professional plastic surgeons and eye surgeons with long experience.

Or make an appointment for a consultaion with a plastic surgery nurse - for free!

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Ultherapy® – facelift without surgery

You can now get a non-surgical facelift at Eira Hospital with the new treatment method Ultherapy®. Our experienced plastic surgeons have been specially trained in Ultherapy® and now also perform facelifts using Ultherapy® ultrasound treatment.

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Gift voucher

Give your family members or friends health and well-being as a gift! You are free to set the sum yourself. The gift voucher is valid for 12 months.

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Alcohol Detoxification Clinic

Alcohol detoxification patients are always treated with respect for the patient’s privacy at Eira Hospital. Our services include detoxification treatment in the in-patient unit, consultations with doctors specialising in addiction, psychiatrist who specialise in addiction and therapists. They also include a rehabilitation course and guided self-help group.

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Endoscopy of stomach and intestines

Diffuse stomach problems? There are good reasons to investigate the problems sooner rather than later. Stomach and intestine problems are very common. If you have eaten too much you may sometimes experience stomach pain and heartburn. It is worth seeing a specialist doctor if the problems occur often or if new problems arise.

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Do you suspect cataract? Don't wait!

Do glasses no longer help? Does it feel like your vision is blurry despite having recently received new glasses?

Let our ophthalmologists who' specialised in cataracts assess when it is time for cataract surgery. The earlier the surgery is performed, the quicker the eye adapts and the easier the operation is.

Ophthalmologists pre-examination now 120 € (158 €).
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