Our most poular services

Gynaecology and gynaecological procedures

Eira Hospital offers comprehensive gynaecological services for women of all ages. We have several gynaecologists with whom it is easy to make an appointment when you are worried about something or you want to come in for a routine check-up. We also have many years’ experience of performing gynaecological surgery.

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If you have problems with your vision or your eye looks different, you should consult an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist diagnosis and treats eye diseases and can examinate errors of refraction and have them corrected.

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Ear, nose and throat diseases

Eira Medical Centre has experienced specialists in ear, nose and throat diseases for both young patients and adults. Surgical treatment and other surgical procedures are easily dealt with here. The majority of procedures are performed on an out-patient basis; you go home the same day without an overnight stay.

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General Practice

You can consult a general practitioner at Eira on weekdays and appointments are usually available the same day. Our general practitioners also issue certificates of general health status.

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Do you want to get rid of your glasses?

At Eira we now offer FREE pre-examination for laser vision correction and refractive lens exchange!

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Comprehensive services

Sleep Clinic

Do you have difficulty sleeping? Do you often wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep? Disruptive snoring? Stop breathing? Are you tired, despite having slept? Do you want to get help to sleep without taking medication?

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Alcohol Detoxification Clinic

Alcohol detoxification patients are always treated with respect for the patient’s privacy at Eira Hospital. Our services include detoxification treatment in the in-patient unit, consultations with doctors specialising in addiction, psychiatrist who specialise in addiction and therapists. They also include a rehabilitation course and guided self-help group.

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