Maatela Marina

Occupational Health Psychologist, Psychoterapist, Psychologist
Exam:Masters of Psychology
Specialities:Job Supervision, Occupational Health Psychologist, Psychologist, Psychotherapy
Language skills:Finnish, Swedish, English

Life can surprise one with different changes, accidents and crises situations which can be due to health, work and /or relations between people in our lives. Many women and men have the need to clarify ones thoughts about the life one leads, about happy and sad thoughts, wishes, uncertainties and choices. Sometimes the past catches up and we have thoughts and feelings that rise from somewhere we cannot really point at.

Many of us speak with friends, but different roles, demands and duties can be unclear and exhausting and thus a meeting with a therapist can bring new viewpoints to oneself.

My way of working is active and always respectful and supportive of the clients views, values and thoughts.

Services:Individual Occupational Tutelage, Sleep Clinic, Stress management, Wellness Clinic, Job Supervision, Occupational Health Psychologist, Psychologist, Psychotherapy
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Psykologi ja vertaisryhmät lihavuusleikatun tukena

Lihavuusleikkaukseen menevä joutuu valmistautumaan valtavaan elämänmuutokseen. Kyseessä ei ole ”vain” leikkaus, vaan kokonainen elämäntapojen ja ajattelumallin uudistaminen.

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