Kiuru-Enari Sari

Exam:Dr Med, PhD, assistant professor i neurology
Language skills:Finnish, Swedish, English, German
After matriculation at the Deutsche Schule in Helsinki I studied medicine at the University of Freiburg, Germany. I finished my studies in 1983 and became a licensed physician also at Helsinki University. After working first as a general practitioner in Åre, Sweden, I returned to my home city 1985. I started at Helsinki University Hospital (HUH) Department of Internal Medicine, followed later by Neurology in order to become a neurologist (completed 1991). I also initiated my interdisciplinary research studies, which e.g. took me to Professor Blas Frangione’s famous pathological laboratory at New York University Hospital (USA), completing my PhD studies 1995, and becoming associate professor of neurology at Helsinki University in 2006. Clinical work during several decades with different tasks at the Department of Neurology (HUH), combined with scientific collaborations with different specialties’ (particularly internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, neurophysiology, clinical physiology, neuroradiology, pathology, plastic surgery and dental medicine) as well as Finnish and other basic scientists have given an excellent possibility for continuous learning not solely in neurology but even medical sciences more generally. This has been supported further by over 2 decades work as private consultant with neurological problems. All different adult neurological patients are welcomed for neurological examination, treatment and support, as well as older children (>12 years) with headache problems. I have for extended years been responsible for HUH neuromuscular policlinic (peripheral nervous system and muscular disorders), and thereby gained special knowledge on more rare neurological hereditary and non-hereditary disorders. I am glad to serve my patients in Finnish, Swedish, English as well as German language.
Services:Sleep Clinic, Tick Clinic, Neurology
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Kiuru-Enari Sari
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