Saukkola Riikka

Exam:Master of Health Sciences
Language skills:Finnish, Swedish, English
I started as a physiotherapist at Eira Medical Centre in 2010. I am working with people with musculoskeletal problems from head to toe. My interest in Physical Therapy lead me to Jyväskylä University to develop myself further. This path allowed me to finish my studies in Master of Health Sciences where I majored in Sports Medicine. During my Masters I was able to depth my knowledge in disease prevention and treatment through physical activity.

As a physiotherapist, I am empathetic and patient. For me it is important that physiotherapy is based on the client's goals and expectations. Goals in Physical Therapy can be reached in various ways. I try to implement manual techniques when needed combined with therapeutic movement and taping. Training between therapy sessions is crucial and I equip my clients with targeted exercises with which they can safely practice. 

Even though having specialized in the lower extremities the human body as a whole interests me. I have worked with different musculosceletal disorders and often finding that the pain and the cause of the pain can be found from different parts of the body. Let’s find solutions to improve your well-being together
Services:Lower extremity clinic
Neurological physiotherapy
Physio Clinic Expert
PT (personal training)
Support soles
Wellness Clinic Expert
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Saukkola Riikka
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