Bardy Ali

Specialist in neurology
Exam:MD, PhD, docent
Language skills:Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French

I became MD and licenced physician at Helsinki University in 1968, and became a neurologist in 1974. I got PhD at Helsinki University in 1983 after defending my thesis “Epilepsy and pregnancy”. Also at Helsinki University I became specialist in clinical pharmacology in 1991 and was appointed as associated professor (docent in Finnish terminology) in clinical pharmacology at Tampere University in 1992.

I have worked as neurologist at Helsinki University Central Hospital, at Helsinki City´s Koskela Hospital, Institute of Occupational Health, Pitäjänmäki Epilepsy Research Centre, Vaajasalo Epilepsy Hospital, National Agency for Medicines and over three decades as private consultant in Eira Hospital.

Special knowledge:Neurologist examines and treats disorders of brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. In my private practice I treat often patients with epilepsy, Parkinsons disease, cerebrovascular disorders, dementia, headache and balance disturbances.
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