The Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare recommends that vaccination take place just before the epidemic begins, which in practice means in October/November. The desired immunity is achieved about two weeks after the vaccination.

The vaccine is given in the upper arm. The influenza vaccine should not be provided if you have had a severe allergic reaction to eggs. You should also not receive the vaccine if you currently have an infection with a fever. In such cases, the vaccination is postponed until the customer is healthy.

Season 2017-2018 we have the influenza vaccine called VaxigripTetra. The vaccine is given for adults and over 3-year-old children. Notice that under 9-year-old children who has not been vaccined before, will need another vaccine not before than four weeks from the first vaccination that the desired immunity is achieved. The vaccine is now available!

The vaccination costs EUR 35, which covers the vaccine and the vaccination. There is no administration fee.