People often seek the help of a psychotherapist unnecessarily late; those in need of therapy often struggle with their problems alone for a needlessly long time as all of us have a deep-seated sense that we can deal with things ourselves. It is a good idea to seek professional help when anxiety takes up a large part or your attention, limits your ability to act and it begins to feel like a mental problem. Some form of life crisis that emerges suddenly or slowly creeps up on you can set off the symptoms.

These symptoms can be:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • fear
  • sleep disturbance
  • suicidal thoughts


Challenges that concern child-rearing or problems that arise in connection with young people’s independence process can be perceived as challenging. When a family member feels bad, this is reflected in the entire family dynamic. The goal of family therapy is to understand and treat the family’s internal dynamic processes that are providing grounds for worry and problems. It is important to find solutions together so that all members of the family feel they have been heard and seen and to provide tools for solving problems, mastering the situation and getting through the crisis. The family’s own positive resources are an important source of power for change. You can come to family therapy alone, as a couple or with the whole family.

Family therapy is well suited to:

  • treating behavioural and emotional disturbances among children and young people
  • treating misuse and eating disorders
  • depression
  • self-destructiveness
  • chronic diseases
  • life crises: divorce, accidents, exhaustion, unemployment, death
  • challenges relating to child-rearing and the independence process among young people
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If you recognise the symptoms described above, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at the psychotherapist’s clinic! Eira Hospital has several psychotherapists with different educational backgrounds and specialist skills. Familiarise yourself with them and see the following available appointments. You can easily make an appointment at the time that suits you best using the online reservations system.
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