You need to consult a specialist doctor at HUS in order to obtain an HUS voucher. HUS grants vouchers on the basis of current waiting times. As soon as you have obtained a voucher, you can have the breast reduction performed quickly and smoothly at Eira Hospital.


Underlying diseases, medications, allergies and smoking habits are taken into account when planning surgery. When you come to the clinic, you need to bring the opinion you have received and preferably also pictured from the mammography conducted by HUS.

We choose the surgical method on the basis of the size and shape of your bust, the reduction required, individual body structure and type of tissue and, naturally, we also take your wishes into account.


The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and, depending on its extent, takes 3–5 hours. Following the surgery, the patient spends the night, or two if necessary, in Eira Hospital’s  in-patient unit.


Following the surgery, the breasts are usually swollen, sensitive and bruised, you may feel pain from the incision. Mild aggravation may also occur as the bruising disappears. The symptoms gradually disappear, with the swelling and bruising normally vanishing within about two weeks. Nipples and areolae can be less sensitive for months. The breasts’ final shape can be only be assessed after about six months.

It is important to use a bra that supports the bust well, e.g. a sports bra, 24 hours per day for four weeks. The  stitches are removed 1–2 weeks after the surgery and life gradually returns to normal within 3–4 weeks.

We recommend that you sleep on you back for the first month in order not to expose the breasts to pressure. Light everyday tasks and walks are allowed. You should avoid exertion and sweating in conjunction with, for example, sport for 4–6 weeks. In order to ensure normal function and movement of the upper body, it is beneficial to ensure, in particular, the shoulder joint’s mobility with light movements.

You will receive more detailed aftercare instructions when you leave the hospital. The definitive breast shape can first be assessed six months after the surgery, but you can already see an improvement when the stitches are removed. The follow-up examination, that you make an appointment for yourself, takes place at an NUS primary care centre.

Wound care
Wound tape protects, supports and splints wounds that are healing, leave it in place. The tape is removed or changed when the stitches are removed. You can shower normally and wash yourself with a gentle, liquid soap and mild shampoo. Dry the taped areas by carefully patting them with a towel. Do not take a hot sauna for at least one month after the surgery. Swimming is not recommended before the wound has completely healed.

The wound tape can be removed if:

  • the tape irritates the skin
  • the wound is bleeding or seeping
  • moisture has formed under the tape

Do not replace it with new tape, instead protect the wound with an absorbent wound dressing.

Sick leave
Following a breast reduction, 3–5 weeks of sick leave are required, with the length varying depending on the nature of the work and the extent of the procedure.

Following the surgery, contact us if:

  • you get sudden pain or worse pain in the surgical area
  • the wound does not stop bleeding, is swollen or suppurating
  • you have a fever of over 38 degrees that lasts more than 24 hours
Eira Hospital plastic surgeons
Popov Pentscho Plastic surgeon
Rautio Minna Plastic surgeon
Siitari Eeva Plastic surgeon
Ståhlberg Kaarlo Specialist in surgery and plastic surgery


If you have obtained an HUS voucher for a breast reduction, we ask that you call Eira reservations on 09 1620 570 or contact us by email

Price list
Patient fee with a HUCH Service Voucher, Breast reduction Price  

Fee to be paid by patient

  • appointment with Plastic surgeon and a nurse tutorial
  • surgery
  • 1-2 nights over-night at Eira Hospital Ward
  • post-controll 7-10days after surgery
137,60 €  
Extra services
Optional extra services will be payed by the patient when discharged from Eira Hospital
An administrative fee of 17,90 € will be added.
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